Meny Stäng

The Linköping based Whisky Lassies is probably the largest whisky society in Sweden exclusively for women. The society was founded in 2003 by five girls with a great interest in whisky. They had an idea to enjoy and taste different varieties of whisky and they wanted to do it together with other whisky lovers.

The association’s goal is to spread the knowledge of whisky and other alcoholic beverages. Each and every tasting is held by someone with a specialized knowledge in the selected beverage. It can be an importer, a manufacturer or some other qualified adept within the specific area.

Whisky Lassies arranges five tastings every year and at least three of them are dedicated for testing of different whiskies. The first tasting of every year is always a whisky tasting. We have during the past years, except from numerous whisky tastings, tested beverages such as champagne, cognac, calvados, rum, gin, beer and many, many other interesting drinkables.